My main area of research is in the mathematical analysis of multi-scale phenomena; specifically in the areas of acoustics, continuum mechanics and electrommagnetism. The aim of my work is to determine multi-scale models of value to the engineering and physics communities, rigorously justified mathematically.

My EPSRC project “Operator asymptotics, a new approach to length-scales in metamaterials” aims to revisit the fundamental tools in homogenisation theory and appropriately extend them to the context of high-contrast problems, a class of problems at the core of metametarial phenomena in composites.


  • Derivation and rigorous justification of asymptotic models in composite media
  • Error estimates in homogenisation theory
  • Analysis of wave phenomena in composite media and thin structures
  • Analysis of scale-interaction effects in composite media


PhD in Mathematics, Thesis: Two-scale homogenisation of partially degenerating PDEs with applications to photonic crystals and elasticity.

University of Bath

MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics, Thesis: Non-classical homogenisation, related analytical tools and applications to dynamic problems with partially high contrasts

University of Bath

BSc in Natural Sciences, Majors in Mathematics & Physics

Birmingham University